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Industry's Leading Women Recognised

We are happy to note that Jane Phelan, from one of our oldest customers Greenshields Cowie and Co (who use our logistical services to deliver humanitarian aid to various countries in need) has won a prestigious award recognising women in logistics. Congratulations to Jane and to Greenshields Cowie and Company as a whole.


 Spring 2016.Blankets and tents flown in from India, ready to be transhipped to trucks for the migrant camps across the Balkans.


In the spring of 2016 John Shirley attended a conference at the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development and enjoyed meeting and shaking hands with the famously jovial politician Edi Rama, currently serving as Prime Minister of Albania (second from right below).



The company visited the Serbian Embassy in London for Serbian National Day (18.2.16). Below the company director, John Shirley, stands in front of an oil of Dositej Obradovic, a famous Serbian writer of the 18th century who travelled to London.



 Delivering wine from 'Zvono Bogdan'winerie, Subotica to the Serbian Embassy



 Serbian National Day 18.2.16 and the wine (transported specifically for the occasion by John Shirley LTD) is waiting to be served.



On the first of November we celebrated the beginning of our second year of  regained independence, having narrowly escaped from a takeover at the same time in 2014. We look forward to another productive year serving the charity, general commercial, diplomatic and film-making communities.

 28.05.2015 A fresh logo for a fresh start!

This is an indication of the enthusiastic response we received from a number of hauliers following the revival of John Shirley Ltd, late last year.




This is an example of a charity having collected aid to go on a truck to Romania.





Handover.jpg14.1.15 P&O Handover

Having initially sold Dover Harbour station, P&O stayed on for a year whilst removing their equipment and preparing thier new premises. This is a picture of Kelly Owler handing over the building to John Shirley in April 2014. This is the first time the building has been in private ownership since its construction and design by Sir Gilbert Scott in 1861. 



07.1.15 Lions of Kent

At the end of 2014 we had the pleasure of having the Lions of Kent use our warehouse free of charge. They used it to pack and prepare boxes full of clothes and goods with which the charity supplies to 99 orphanages in the Chenoble area.



 Old Harbour Station 1.11.13

We sold Maritime House in March and acquired Old Harbour Station near Dover customs which was built in 1861. It has great character and boasts a  clocktower at the south end which we discovered contains a cell.On the 1st of November we will be moving into the the fomer stationmaster's office.



12.11.12 House of Commons

The company was awarded Bronze in the Transport Category at the Green Apple Awards on the twelth of November 2012 for cutting carbon. Taken into account were the absence of company cars, the use of public transport and folding bicycles, the sedum grass roof, the wood-pellet boiler and the solar panels.