Freight to Albania

John Shirley Ltd offer a direct service to Albania for full loads with transit time of about 7 days. Part loads via our hub in Slovenia with a transit time of 8 - 10 days.

Humanitarian Aid:

On behalf of charitable organisations, John Shirley Ltd arranges humanitarian aid shipments from the United Kingdom to Albania. Several shipments have taken place between Scotland and various Albanian towns including Kukes and Tirana.

Recent developments

We have been engaged to collect road-tankerloads of alcohol from the capital to various desitnations on the continent.It should be noted that we can also arrange (road) oil-tankers and others suitable for juices or chemicals. 

Exports from the UK: John Shirley Ltd has arranged full load shipments of reconditioned goods to Tirana from Dewsbury, near Bradford as well as the usual aid shipments.
For other clients, the company arranged one-off part load and sometimes full load shipments to Tirana and Durres.

Past experience - Gezuar!

Albania is a far flung spot for which most shippers ask us to deliver to Tirana, the capital, since not all roads are suitable for international transport. 

When we started shipping to Albania, customs clearance was arduous and lengthy - we once had a driver there for two weeks. He survived by fishing and through the generosity of the ferry crew. Things are much improved now and it is also possible to transit to Kosovo and Macedonia without trouble. 

Some useful terms: Miremengjes: good morning. Miredita: good day. Mirembroma : good evening. Naten e mire : good night. Si jeni? : how are you?

bunker_in_Kosovo_1.jpgRecent visit to business partners in Albania.

In March 2012 John Shirley Ltd visited business partners in Durres, Tirana, and the Unesco Heritage Site of Berat from where trucks have been regularly loaded with stone for various cities in France; the ground floor of Montpellier town hall is furnished with cut stone from Berat for example. 

There are still plenty of the famous bunkers littering the countryside and of course, lots of Mercedes cars on the roads.

Berat_fortress2.jpgThe Unesco site of the inhabited fortress of Berat which covers the hill above the quarry from which the stone is collected.

     In Tirana main station the timetable is written by hand as the railways are so under-funded. The journey from there to the charming walled city of Elbasan takes four hours and costs     a couple of euros. The train is missing several windows and the rear doors are jammed open wide as in the picture, so that you look directly down onto the track. It has only two carriages pulled by a shunter but it is generally bang on time, very clean inside and there is at-your-seat service of cold drinks and snacks. In one compartment the window has a bullet hole so it is comforting to see the armed guard wandering down the corridor from time to time. This year (2012) beyond Elbasan a section of track had been washed away by the heavy spring snows meaning further travel was in a minibus. The driver would only leave for Podgradec once he had gathered enough passengers rather like a "mashrutka" in Georgia or Russia. 


train_through_MK.jpgIn the autumn of 2015 the directors were again in Albania, having arrived by ferry from Italy. The condition of the infrastructure in towns had greatly improved with smooth pavements and roads.There appeared to be considerably more enterprise going on.

2016 various 888.JPG Tradita, an ancient Ottoman "han" or inn in Shkodra, now operating as a fully fledged hotel, with a small museum of national costume attached, They run concerts and music nights all year round and serve traditional food.