Freight to Belarus

Freight Forwarding to Belarus

John Shirley Ltd freight transit time from the UK
to or from Belarus is 6 – 8 days for a full load.

Belarus, Exports and Imports

The recession marred the high trade amount that Belarus managed in 2008 at $33.04 billion. In 2009, the exports were low at $18.04, billion although with plans to optimize on neighbors such as Russia, the trade volume is likely to go up. The main products exported from Belarus are machinery and equipment, mineral products, chemicals, metals, textiles and foodstuffs all of which can be shipped by John Shirley Ltd, providing road tankers, refrigerated lorries and specialist vehicles when required. Major export partners are: Russia 32.3%, Netherlands 16.5%, Ukraine 8.5%, Latvia 6.5%, Poland 5.5%, UK 4.3%. John Shirley's drivers and planners have expert local knowlege of Belarus and its trading partners, so are easily able to handle paperwork and routes for your shipment.

As far as imports are concerned, the trends show a decrease, which is a positive sign for maintaining a positive trade balance. The import volume decreased from $39.61 billion in 2008 to $22.4 billion in 2009. The main products that are imported are mineral products, machinery and equipment, chemicals, foodstuffs and metals. The main import partners of Belarus are: Russia 59.4%, Germany 7.1%, Ukraine 5.3%, UK 2.3%.

Belarus, General Information

Belarus is a Republic with a total area of 207,600 km² and a total population of 9.7 million people. Its capital is Minsk and its currency the Belarusian Rouble.

Belarus is situated in the centre of Europe on the watershed of the Baltic and the Black Seas. Belarus borders on Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine. The total length of the state border makes up 2,969 km.

For more information, try the official website of the President of the Republic and the Belarus Tourist info portal.