Freight to Croatia

Transit time 3 – 4 days for full loads,  4 – 6 days for part loads

Our activities in Croatia

John Shirley Ltd work directly with a number of reliable Croatian hauliers, providing door to door service across Croatia with delivery “on-wheels” for larger shipments, plus full loads. Trucks from 90 to 120 cbm are  readily available and some can carry ADR goods.

John Shirley use Croatian and Slovenian hauliers with direct deliveries where possible, or send loads via our hub in Slovenia. Since Croatia is a crescent shaped country with a long coastline full of shipyards, we effect regular collections from the Dalmatian coast from towns such as Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar and Rijeka. Atone stage JSL Freight brought in white stone from Pazin, the same as used to build Venice, as it is resistant to sea-water. 

Inland, we deliver part loads and groupage to Pula, Osijek, Vinkovci, Varaždin, Karlovac & Zagreb. 

Owing to the fact there are far more imports coming to the UK, there is greater availability of international road transport for exports to Croatia. This also means that there is greater price flexibility as well.

Recent developments

Since December 2015 we have been assisting in the distribution of relief materials to the migrant camps in places such as Zabok and Slavonski Brod. We also were tasked with offloading a couple of freighters at Zagreb airport containing bundles of blankets and tents for the camps.

A company specialising in the supply of temporary accommodation to major festivals uses JSL Freight services for a two week event on the Dalmatian coast every summer..This involved timed delivery of  full loads and timed collection of the same goods for return to the UK. 

Personal effects to Croatia: We have already arranged several personal effects shipments to Croatia from the UK this year, ranging from less than a pallet to half a full load. Although John Shirley are not an international removals company, we are able to offer a service to clients wishing to sent their personal effects using a more cost effective method. Given the ability of customers to load and pack their items, we have been able to offer a limited door-to-door home contents shipping service. Naturally people often buy homes on the islands in the Adriatic and with a little care and time John Shirley have been able to deliver to Korcula, Hvar, Pag and even as far as Vis, half way to the Italian coast.
Cross-trades:  in 2011, John Shirley Ltd organised shipments between Albania and Croatia for a French client.

Croatia's current status

Capital: Zagreb
Currency: Kuna (HRK) :  £1~ 10.58 HRK; €1 ~ 7.58 HRK)

Having gained independence in 1991, Croatia is eager followed Slovenia into the European Union in January 2014. Located on the cross-roads of Eastern and Central Europe, Croatia shares borders with Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro. Its long coastline, with 6 sea ports, and a maritime border with Italy presents the fastest route between Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean, as well the quickest route for transport from Europe to Africa, North and South America. Moreover, three Pan-European transport routes pass through Croatia. Apart from Zagreb the capital, major concentrations of industry are located in the coastal towns of Split and Dubrovnik.  

Tariffs and Duties

In 2001 Croatia signed a Stabilization and Association Agreement with the EU, abolishing customs for imports on Croatian goods. Customs for exporting most EU products into Croatia were also abolished in 2002. This does not apply to excise or controlled goods.  

UK-Croatia trade

Exports, including transport equipment, specialised machinery and road vehicles, from the United Kingdom were valued at £208m in 2008. 

France-Croatia trade

France accounts for 3.3% of Croatia’s foreign trade, but bilateral trade is steadily increasing. France is the 8th largest exporter to Croatia, with total exports valued at €436m in 2007 ahead of China and the United States. France exports automobile parts, pharmaceutical products and agricultural goods to Croatia. Imports from Croatia totalled €65m in 2007, comprising mainly of office equipment, electronic goods and machinery. 

Information sources

Research for trade information regarding our specialist countries was conducted by John Shirley Ltd. This information was compiled to inform potential and actual clients about the recent and current trade situation within the Balkans. With particular emphasis for trade between the Balkans & the United Kingdom, and the Balkans & France; our current main client base for our freight services, attention is paid to goods exported, goods imported, and tariffs. Information is intended as indicative and not conclusive. It was compiled in August 2010.

Sources include UK Trade and Investment, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (HM Government), the French Commerce Department, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Export Organisations, and where applicable, Balkan country government websites such as the Mace..