Freight to Kosovo


On the left a sculpture in English in the middle of Pristina not far from a new Catholic Cathedral. On the right a shot of the fine wines we delivered from France to Hotel Sirius in the centre of Pristina. This is a cabinet on the 8th floor where the restaurant and terrace are located, containing wines at exactly the right temperatures, whether red. white or rose.

Direct service for full loads with transit time of about 5 – 6 days.
Part loads via our hub in 
with transit time 8 – 10 days.

John Shirley services to Kosovo

John Shirley Ltd has forwarded freight to Kosovo for over 17 years and it is one of our core areas for operations. We are familiar with the area and we speak the local language. We use local hauliers with direct deliveries where possible, or send loads via our hub in Slovenia. Kosovo is still an area with political issues, but John Shirley staff  know how to overcome the problems and deliver your cargo efficiently. 

Our current work: Nowadays we deliver commercial freight as well as humanitarian aid to and from Pristina, Djakova, Pec and other locations. John Shirley have deliveries to Kosovo every week. Last year we delivered full loads of spirits from a Swiss producer to Pristina and this year we have been delivering fine wines from France and chairs from England to a fine hotel in the centre of Pristina.

Past Experience: Most freight to Kosovo has been funded by the EU and is mainly reconstruction material. A great deal of cargo went to the power station near Pristina, but also to Djakovica, Kosovska Mitrovica, Pec, Prizren. Camp Bondsteel, the large NATO base near Urosevac had also been in receipt of much cargo. Our JSL Freight trucks would enter from Macedonia or Montenegro (where snow can be a problem) but now from Serbia as well.

Recent visit: In April the Directors tried to travel by train from Skopje in Macedonia to Pristina. It was necessary to purchase a special "no-mans' land" ticket for the section between the last station in Macedonia and the first one in Kosovo because the latter state is not internationally recognised and there is also no agreement between the railways. The passengers in the train, which consisted of only one carriage, found in addition that there was no locomotive to take it onwards from the Kosovan border to Pristina so taxis had to be ordered. Pristina is like a town in north America surrounded by malls and highways.except for the military camps here and there.Below is a view of Pristina from Hotel Sirius.