Freight to Macedonia

Direct service to Macedonia for full loads with transit time of about 5 – 6 days.
Part loads with transit time of 8 – 10 days.


John Shirley activities in Macedonia

Past experience

Usually deliveries of freight or collections of cargo are made in Skopje, the capital. However, Ohrid, Bitola, Kumanovo, Stip and Prilep have a certain amount of industry as well. Macedonia used to be last stop before Kosovo for reconstruction materials and humanitarian aid.

In the autumn of 2011 we were engaged by a large factory to ship around 170 loads of a winter product between Macedonia and Manchester in the run-up  to Christmas. This required considerable hard work to develop and put into place particularly as Macedonian drivers have to pay for (and wait for) visas from our Embassy in Skopje. This was successfully achieved despite the odds and that in November Operation Christmas Child began.    

In the spring of this year a visit was made to the factory who were kind enough to give a guided tour of the premises showing that over 500 people are employed there and that a corporate social responsibility program was in place, partucularly in connection with recycling matters.

At the Globe Theatre In May Henry the VIth was presented in Macedonian. The following evening at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies an event was held to mark translation of 130 works from Macedonian into English.