Freight to Montenegro


We offer a direct service to Montenegro for full loads with transit time of about 5 days. Part loads with transit time of 7 – 9 days.

Recently independent, Montenegro is small and as the name suggest, mountainous. Considerable freight goes to the shipyards at Bar but also to Kotor, Cetinje, Niksic and the capital Podgorica. John Shirley Ltd enjoyed excellent relations with the administration in Podgorica. Our stamp on the CMRs became very familiar to officials on the borders as we organised huge quanitities of shipments from all over Europe to Kosovo.

Recent developments in Montenegro

In early 2010, John Shirley Ltd nurtured new relationships with Montenegrin hauliers, expanding the company's partner base throughout the country. The company spent a period of arranging shipments of steel bar between Niksic and the North of England as well as steel fabrications from the Midlands to Tivat, Port of Montenegro. 

In 2011 there were in addition, a number of shipments of personal effects to both Tivat  and Kotor, an area which is being regarded as a second Monaco for oligarchs and the super-rich.

For several Christmas's running there have been shoebox (childrens' presents) shipments from England's south coast to Podgorica.

This spring (2012) a lunch for John Shirley Ltd was hosted by one of the hauliers in the ancient capital of Cetinje. Dotted about the town are former embassies of countries such as France, Italy, Russia, Austria, Germany and the U.K. Mainly used as colleges now they still sport the flags of the countries whose embassies they used to be.

In the autumn of 2015 the directors of the company were again in Podgorica, having cycled there from Shkodra in northern Albania2016 various 835.JPG