Freight to Romania

Freight Forwarding to Romania


Freight transit time from the UK to or from Romania
4 to 5 days full load, 6 to 8 days part load.

Romania, Exports and Imports

 With bilateral trade increasing, for John Shirley Ltd freight forwarding to Romania is an important area..

Leading exports include machinery and equipment, for which John Shirley can provide specialist vehicles for heavy loads or over-guage loads. Textiles and footwear, metals and metal products can be shipped to the UK and thoughout Europe by JSL Freight. Minerals and fuels; chemicals; agricultural products may require specilist road tankers or hazardous freight awareness - all well within our long experience of European freight forwarding.

Leading imports include: machinery and equipment; fuels and minerals; chemicals; textile and products; metals; agricultural products. The main European imports to Romania are from: Germany 16.1%, Italy 11.2%, Hungary 7.3%, France 5.6%, Turkey 4.9%; Austria 4.8% and Russia 5.9%. Although John Shirley are based in Dover, UK, we arrange part loads from throughout europe to Romania using our freight hubs throughout the continent. Full loads to Romania from the UK and worldwide shipping are all made easy by our freight forwarding team.

Romania, General Information

Romania is a middle income European Union member economy of Central-Eastern Europe. It has been referred as a "Tiger" due to its high growth rates and rapid development. Until 2009, Romanian economic growth was among EU’s fastest. Gross domestic product contracted 7.1% in the third quarter of 2009 from the same period a year earlier, and the IMF estimates that the budget deficit will be as high as 7.8% of GDP.

Romania has the 11th largest economy in the European Union by total nominal GDP and the 8th largest based on purchasing power parity and is one of the fastest growing markets in recent history with consistent annual GDP growth rates above 6%. Romania is a member of the European Union (7th largest country), its most important trading partner. Its capital, Bucharest, is one of the largest financial and industrial centres in the region, with a metropolitan area of more than 2.6 million people. Romania has experienced growth in foreign investment with a cumulative FDI totaling more than $100 billion since 1989.