Freight to Slovenia

Freight Forwarding to Slovenia

John Shirley transit time:  3 – 4 days for full loads
to Slovenia,  4 – 6 days for part loads


Our Activities in Slovenia

John Shirley Ltd work directly with a large number of reliable Slovenian hauliers, providing door to door service across Slovenia with delivery “on-wheels” for larger shipments, plus full loads. Trucks from 90 to 120 cbm are readily available and most can carry ADR goods. 

Port of Koper
The Port of Koper is a major European port with major road and rail links to Austria, Germany, Hungary, and Eastern Europe. Through our partners there, we can offer a global service by container effecting collections to from and from e.g. Canada, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, the United States etc. 

John Shirley ship part loads to Albania and Montenegro via the Port of Koper. Many of our hauliers are based in Ljubljana, Maribor and Novo Mesto and we use them to make collections and deliveries in nearby Italian towns such as Udine, Venice, Trieste, Vicenza, Belluno and Brescia for the U.K. and France.  

Geographical Position
The very central geograhical position of Slovenia makes it ideal for a whole variety of transit routes. For example, there are deliveries of Italian marble to Moscow and/or Russia in general, and countries beyond such as Kazakhstan. From the other direction, destinations include the Scandinavian countries.

Full loads
We provide driver-accompanied full load services on most routes to and from Slovenia. Typical routes might be Maribor to Manchester, Ljubljana to Glasgow, and Ptuj to Paris. There are dedicated trucks exclusively for a shipper’s cargo, whether dry, hazardous or temperature controlled. 

Depots in Slovenia
There are several groupage hubs through which John Shirley can organise on carriage cheaply and speedily to the rest of the Balkans with full traceability; countries such as Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro. 

The major hubs are in Jesenice, Kranj, and Celje. 

Typical Exports

Typical exports from Slovenia include wood-based products such as farmhouse furniture, knapkins, glass fibre, white goods, and caravans.


For Slovenian destinations we can arrange collection and delivery of line or shipper’s own containers whether 20’, 40’ or 45’  standard or high top.

Slovenia Trade Information: Slovenia's current status

Capital: Ljubljana
Currency: Euro (As of August 2010:  £1~€1.22)
Main Trading Partners: Germany, Austria, Croatia, France. 

The only member of the former Yugoslavia to have joined the EU, over 60% of Slovenia’s trade is with other EU countries, including Germany, France and Austria. While manufacturing composes a significant proportion of exports, the country also has a large wood processing industry. Transit-times within this small country are short and industry is dispersed around the country with the major areas for business located in Ljubljana, Maribor in the northeast and Celje in the east.  There are also major transport hubs in Jesenice and  Kranj, from which John Shirley limited organises groupage shipments to the rest of the Balkans.  

UK - Slovenia trade

Since independence in 1993 bilateral trade between Slovenia and the UK has grown by around 10% annually.  In 2009 the value of UK imports from Slovenia amounted to £245m while exports to Slovenia were worth £171.5m. The UK is Slovenia’s 11th largest trading partner. Exports to Slovenia from the UK include pharmaceutical products, industrial machinery, chemicals and fabrics. Imports from Slovenia to the UK include wood-based products such as farmhouse furniture, glass fibre white goods and caravans.  

As a member of the European Union, Slovenia and the UK face low trade barriers and the movement of goods between the countries is very simple. As both are members of the EU, the movement of good between the two countries is cost-effective and profitable. John Shirley Ltd. has excellent relations with hauliers in this fast-growing EU economy (the richest of the 11 countries to gain membership of the EU) and our familiarity with the local language and local market conditions allow us to provide prompt and efficient transport to Slovenia. We also make use of our hub in Slovenia as a transit point for shipping cargo across the Balkans, and also organise cross-trades between Italy, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. 

France - Slovenia trade

France is a leading trading partner as it is Slovenia’s fifth largest customer and its fourth largest supplier. French exports to Slovenia amounted to £1.06bn (€1.3bn) in 2006, and Slovenian imports to France totalled £801m (€980m) in the same year. More than half of French exports were in the automotive sector while imports from Slovenia included products from the automotive sector, household appliances, metallurgical goods and pharmaceutical products.        

Information sources

Research for trade information regarding our specialist countries was conducted by John Shirley Ltd. This information was compiled to inform potential and actual clients about the recent and current trade situation within the Balkans. With particular emphasis for trade between the Balkans & the United Kingdom, and the Balkans & France; our current main client base for our freight services, attention is paid to goods exported, goods imported, and tariffs. Information is intended as indicative and not conclusive. It was compiled in August 2010.

Sources include UK Trade and Investment, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (HM Government), the French Commerce Department, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Export Organisations, and where applicable, Balkan country government websites such as the Macedonian Trade site.

British Companies: For more information regarding Slovenia, visit UK Trade and Investment’s Slovenian webpage.